The Ruins Old Lighthouse – Aguadilla

* Mapped GPS Coordinates: 18.488738, -67.161486 *
The Ruins in Aguadilla Puerto Rico are between the Golf Course and Wilderness.  The story we have always been told is that it used to be a light house, but we are not completely sure if that is true.  People park along the side of the dirt road and take the opportunity to shoot pictures.  The only warning is that we have had locals tell us that you should not hang out there after sunset.
We have confirmed that this was the old Aguadilla lighthouse. It was destroyed in the early 1900s by the combination of a strong earthquake and the tsunami that followed it. It was heavily damaged and later rebuild on the elevated cliff-side near the golf coarse.
During the same earthquake the Lighthouse in Rincon was also heavily damaged. That lighthouse was rebuilt and sits on one of the most beautiful spots in the world. You can see the Rincon Lighthouse at:
You can follow this link to a map of all the lighthouses in Puerto Rico:

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