Best Unnamed Bakery – Aguadilla

Best Unnamed Bakery – Aguadilla

* Mapped GPS Coordinates: 18.473379, -67.153158 *

If you have never visited Puerto Rico then this post may seem like a lack of effort on our part, but it isn’t.  Unfortunately, marketing is not always their strong suit here, but making GREAT sweets and sandwiches is.

When I am staying in Aguadilla I visit this bakery almost everyday.  About a week ago I was there on a Sunday morning around 9am and lucked into the freshest donut of my entire life.  I literally watched the guy putting on the glaze, then turn around and hand it to me.  It was the most delicious thing I have ever ate.  It was super hot, crispy and sweet as ever.  They also make great sandwiches that they press to toast it.

On most days they have someone there that can speak English, but regardless, they are extremely friendly and its easy to explain what you want.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BAKERY.  View the map and pictures to find it.

Les Delices Deli in Aguada Puerto Rico image 1

Les Delices Deli – Aguada

*Unfortunate Notice – Les Delices Deli has closed.

After a day of surfing in Rincon we were in need of something good, and not fried to eat. If you have been to Puerto Rico then you know a lot of the options are fried, okay most of the options are fried. Well we lucked out when we ran into Les Delices Deli on the south side of Aguada Puerto Rico. It is located next to Bar Code, which is a very popular bar in the area.

Les Delices Deli’s menu was amazing. They had plenty of good and healthy options. The owners told me they opened in November 2010 and had been very busy during the surf season. We all went with the Cubano or Cuban Sandwich, it was the first Cubano we had in Puerto Rico that actually had pickles on it. That little extra touch had me sold immediately.

Everything was fresh and cooked to order. The fries, okay maybe I wasn’t trying to be too healthy, came out so hot I had to wait a few minutes for them to cool off.

We found the owners to be extremely very welcoming and helpful in getting us inside prior to a major rain storm. The owners were also bilingual.

We HIGHLY recommend you give Les Delices Deli a try!

GPS Coordinates: 18.382381, -67.205335

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