Table Top – Surf Spot in Aguadilla

Table Top in Aguadilla Puerto Rico is personally one of my favorite waves. When the wave rolls in next to the flat rock it stands up quick and creates a great barrel. You can get close enough to touch the rock and still be in good position. The only down side to this wave is the CROWD, as it is usually congested with bodyboarders. However, from time to time you will see it empty, and if you do, paddle over there quick. You can paddle to table top from Surfers Beach or walk east along the coastline. There is one exposed rock on the inside that you need to keep any eye on, but overall a manageable wave.

As with almost every surf spot in Puerto Rico, the water is super clear. The one thing you will notice more from Wilderness to Surfers / Table Top is the large number of Sea Turtles “Tortuga Marina”. It is an awesome thing to see while you are out there.

Finding Table Top is the same as finding Surfers Beach. Find your way to Surf Zone Surf Shop and go just a bit past it to the East. There will be an open gate to your left and a secured gate in front of you, TURN LEFT. That gate remains open all the time so do not worry about getting locked in or out of the break. Take that road all the way down until it turns to dirt and continue on to the dead end parking area. HAVE FUN!

Table Top Surf Spot GPS Coordinates:
18.508215, -67.138755
[map id=”map1″ maptype=”HYBRID” kmlautofit=”no” z=”17″ lat=”18.508215″ lon=”-67.138755″ w=”100%” h=”500″ kml=”″]
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