Surfers Beach – Surf Spot in Aguadilla

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Surfers Beach is one of the many popular surf destinations on the North West corner of Puerto Rico.  The same short stretch of beach is also home to the breaks: Table Top, Backdoor, and Survivors. This area can really deliver some outstanding surf when the conditions are right.

The only difficult thing about Surfers Beach is that it can be hard to find for first timers so check out the map below. Here are some directions as well, head to the Aguadilla Airport then out towards the Courtyard Casino and University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla.  Take the road behind the Casino and at the end of that road turn right.  You will pass SURF ZONE surf shop on your left.  As you reach the end on that road you will take a left through an open chain link gate and descend down the cliff side to Surfers Beach.

Once you get parked in the area next to the bulk head, make your way down to the beach. There are many areas people paddle out from, but the most popular spots are at the small river mouth, just a few steps to the east of the painted wall memorial, and at the far east end of the sandy beach where the rocks start to protrude out into the ocean.

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GPS Coordinates: 18.506379, -67.14112

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