Salto Collazo Roadside Waterfall – San Sebastian

Salto Collazo is a beautiful waterfall that is extremely easy to find. It is located just southeast of San Sebastian, and because it is on the side of the road it makes for a quick stop. The location also makes for a great spot to take pictures. It is interesting that a waterfall that just sits off to the side of a major road can make you feel like you are off on a deserted island somewhere.
Yet, we still prefer the upper and lower waterfalls of Gozalandia, just north of San Sebastian. The only problem is that those two waterfalls are much harder to find and require a good bit of hiking. Even if you discounted the slippery mud of Gozalandia it would still be a much more difficult waterfall to see than Salto Collazo. Thus, if you just want to see a really nice waterfall with a great opportunity for pictures this might be the one for you.
In addition to Salto Collazo Waterfall, there is also a spot very close by that offers a nice roadside parking area on the side of the mountain that overlooks the entire valley. You can see this location on our map, it is just to the south of Salto Collazo.


GPS Coordinates: 18.33302, -66.949211

[map id=”map1″ maptype=”HYBRID” kmlautofit=”no” z=”18″ lat=”18.33302″ lon=”-66.949211″ w=”100%” h=”500″ kml=””]
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