Lighthouse El Faro – Rincon

The Lighthouse Park in Rincon, Puerto Rico is extremely easy to find and set up perfectly for visitors. The parking lot has plenty of spots available as well as a few vendors depending on the day. The park has a few points of access, but the main entrance is a set of stairs directly in front of the lighthouse. Ironically, the best feature of the park may not even be the lighthouse, but instead the cliff top views.
The grounds set atop these cliffs make up the Lighthouse Park. It offers up some spectacular views of the ocean and on clear afternoons, a great sunset. Along the perimeter of the park area runs a walkway where you will find a few small gazebo-like structures. These gazebos are right on the edge of the cliffs and on sunny days make for a great place to cool off and watch the waves.
Rincon’s Lighthouse actually offers a chance to see many of the most popular surf spots in all of Puerto Rico. Directly to the north of the Lighthouse Park you will see Domes and Spanish Wall. From the southern view you will be able to see Indicators, Maria’s, Dogmans, and Pistons. Out of all those spots, Indicators looks the best from the elevated position of the park because the wave there actually breaks up against the lighthouse cliff.
Because this area is surrounded by so many famous and popular surf breaks you will not have to worry about being out there by yourself. It is a very safe and heavily traveled area.
A bit of interesting information on this lighthouse is that the original lighthouse was heavily damaged by an earthquake in 1918. This earthquake was also responsible for the total destruction of the original Aguadilla Lighthouse. As for the Rincon Lighthouse, they built this one bigger and stronger to hopefully avoid issues with future earthquakes. Once the construction was completed they destroyed the old Rincon Lighthouse.
Do not forget a bathing suit, sunscreen, water, and a camera. If you have those four things then you are bound to really enjoy the Lighthouse Park in Rincon.

GPS Coordinates: 18.361994, -67.270732

[map id=”map1″ maptype=”HYBRID” kmlautofit=”no” z=”19″ lat=”18.361994″ lon=”-67.270732″ w=”100%” h=”500″ kml=”″]
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