Mountain Outlook – Moca

The mountain outlook in Moca, Puerto Rico is located off to the side of route PR-110. It is a back road between the Isabela-Aguadilla area and the Aguadilla-Aguada-Rincon area, passing through Moca. The best part is that not only is this back road’s scenery beautiful, but this route will quite possibly save you time as well. Depending on the time of day PR-2 can get extremely congested and become a slow bumper to bumper traffic jam.
The Mountain Outlook in Moca is accessed by pulling off the side of the road into what looks like a deceleration zone. It will get you far enough off of PR-110 that you will be fine.
If the weather is good and clear, you will be able to see for miles. Because this outlook is on the side of a mountain you will have the opportunity to take some great pictures of the entire Moca valley!
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GPS Coordinates: 18.406606, -67.112847

[map id=”map1″ maptype=”HYBRID” kmlautofit=”no” z=”18″ lat=”18.406606″ lon=”-67.112847″ w=”100%” h=”500″ kml=””]
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