Las Cabezas Observation Point – El Yunque

Las Cabezas Observation Point is the very first point of interest you will come across after the El Portal Tropical Forest Center. It is located on the east, left side of PR 191 in a right hand turn as you ascend the mountain. It is just a hop skip and a jump before La Coca Waterfall and Parking Area.

The parking area for Las Cabezas Observation Point is limited to a handful of cars. You could pass this point and come back to it on your way back down PR 191, but you may regret that decision. The reason is that it offers you the first point to get some great scenic pictures and if the weather is clear TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. The weather in El Yunque National Forest can change quickly so don’t hesitate on a good opportunity for pictures.

*A note from the National Forest Website is that you should close windows, lock doors, and place valuables in your trunk.

GPS Coordinates : 18.319673, -65.76924

[map id=”map1″ maptype=”HYBRID” kmlautofit=”no” z=”19″ lat=”18.319673″ lon=”-65.76924″ w=”100%” h=”500″ kml=””]
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