La Mina Trail – El Yunque

La Mina Trail is one of two hiking trails that lead to the extremely popular La Mina Waterfall of El Yunque National Forest, the other one is Big Tree Trail. However, La Mina Trail starts out in an area that provides many other things to do compared to that of Big Tree’s Trailhead.

The Trailhead to La Mina Trail is located at the Palo Colorado Recreation Area, which is the hub to multiple hiking trails, the visitor center, rivers, and picnic areas. One of the other benefits to this location is the amount of parking available. There are multiple lots, with parking on both the south and the north side of the Palo Colorado Visitor Center.

Once you have parked you will find a couple access points to La Mina Trail. The hiking trail will take you past a few picnic areas and then lead you down along the same route that the La Mina River flows. This trail does not have as many twists and turns as the Big Tree Trail, but is about the same overall distance.

Once you reach La Mina Waterfall the hike will be worth every step. Whether you get in the water or not, La Mina Falls makes for a great place to stop and enjoy a break watching the waterfall and people gathered there. Out of all the things to do in El Yunque National Forest this is probably the most popular hiking trail and destination.

I recommend that you bring some water and a camera along for the hike, but keep an eye on the weather because rain can come quickly in El Yunque. I guess that goes without saying since it is a Rain Forest.

*A note from the National Forest Website is that you should close windows, lock doors, and place valuables in your trunk.

GPS Coordinates : 18.301181, -65.784896


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