Indicators – Surf Spot in Rincon

Indicators is located in Rincon, along the most popular strip of beach in all of Puerto Rico. The most noticeable landmark letting you know you are at Indicators is the Rincon Lighthouse, which we have pictured below. The surf break is located at the bottom of the lighthouse’s southern cliff. There is a small gazebo type of structure within the Rincon Lighthouse Park, which will give you a great overhead view of the break. This elevated position should also help you decide if the conditions are good enough to paddle out.


Other notable surf spots along this short strip of beach include: Tres Palmas, Dogmans, Maria’s, and Domes. There are a few others, but these are the most popular ones along the tip of Rincon’s southern coast.

If you are planning on surfing Indicators, just drive to the lighthouse and park in any of the provided parking spaces or along the road. Because Indicators is located at the lighthouse, finding parking is usually very easy. To get down to the break, you will find a dirt trail on the south side of the lighthouse’s parking lot, we have pictures below showing you the trail. Take this trail down to the beach and slowly work you way out into the break along the side of the cliff. Once you have made it about 20 yards out into the water you should be safe to start paddling, but pay close attention as the tide plays a part.

Indicators is a right breaking wave that peals from the cliff down to the south. Watch the video below to get an idea of how this wave breaks. We can promise you that Indicators will never have the crowd of a spot like Maria’s. A lot of that has to do with the more intimidating paddle out.



GPS Coordinates: 18.361287, -67.271489


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