Gozalandia Waterfalls – San Sebastian

The Double Waterfalls of Gozalandia, both an Upper and Lower Waterfall, make for one of the best waterfall trips in Puerto Rico.  HOWEVER, DO NOT GO OUT THERE WITHOUT A GPS AND OUR MAPPED COORDINATES.  Take advantage of our map because Gozalandia is on the top of the list for hard places to find without a GPS.  However, if you take our map with you it should be a walk in the park.

Gozalandia Waterfall Panoramic 1

Now let’s get on with the details.  As the route shows, you will come up on a gate (PICTURED) which is on the left side of the road, park next to it, but not in front of it.  Grab everything you need because it’s hiking time.  Follow the path until you hit the man made pond and building.  At this marker you can break off to the left and find the lower waterfall.  It is just a short walk down the trail from there.  If you want to go to the Upper Waterfall it is a bit further along.  At the marker instead of going down to the left, break off towards the right a bit and follow our route.

As you get close you will hear the waterfall.  The Upper Waterfall is a lot of fun because it has a rope swing.  If you are really up for adventure, there is a nearly impossible trail to find that takes you to the top of the waterfall.  If you think you found it and say to yourself, “there is no way this could be it”, well then you probably found it.  Let’s just say the trail will make you think you are Indiana Jones.  If you hit the top and don’t want to jump down there are some trails on the top side that lead out to the road.

Good luck finding it and HAVE FUN!

Update: They have build up this location to be something of a tourist attraction. The big upside to that is you are able to drive onto the property and the main waterfall trails are being maintained. If you like the privacy of nature you will still find a great deal of land to explore.

Plenty of outstanding scenery is waiting to be seen if you are willing to hike downstream from the lower waterfall. That stream will run you into a fork in the river. At the fork you need to hike back upstream of the connecting creek. Depending on your level of athleticism you can either hike to a secret waterfall that isn’t too far off, or if you have a lot of energy you can hike to a dead end waterfall. I hiked to the dead end waterfall once and if you ever make it there you will know it. It leaves you with a waterfall directly in front of you and shear cliffs to both sides. WARNING: This hike can be dangerous because the footing is unforgiving and there are sections you have to do a bit of climbing.



Gozalandia Lower Waterfall GPS Coordinates:
18.361055, -66.983248

LINK TO EXACT MAP MARKER: https://goo.gl/maps/dNPyU



Gozalandia Upper Waterfall GPS Coordinates:
18.360307, -66.980537

LINK TO EXACT MAP MARKER: https://goo.gl/maps/dNPyU


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