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Puerto Rico Surf Spots!

It should be no secret that outside of cruise tourism, surf tourism is one of the top draws in Puerto Rico. There are countless surf breaks in Puerto Rico and we have created a map with quite a few of them mapped out. We continue to add surf spots to the map and welcome your input. If there is a surf spot that you think we should include please email us at or comment in the section below.

If you want to submit a surf spot, please include GPS Coordinates of the break and if possible, information about the break including where to paddle out.

The most popular surfing region of Puerto Rico is the Rincon Area. Rincon’s popularity as a surf destination is based on quite a few breaks that benefit from more consistent offshore winds and thus better conditions. The northwest corner of Puerto Rico including Aguadilla and Isabela catch a much bigger swell, but don’t be fooled, Rincon has had some massive days.

Hopefully these maps help you find the surf spots you are looking for. Feel free to download the maps to your mobile device, through Google Maps, so you can use them while traveling.

Go See PR Map of Puerto Rico’s Surf Spots

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