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Puerto Rico’s Lighthouses!

We know a lot of you love lighthouses, so we decided to build a map specific to the lighthouses of Puerto Rico. This map shows the location of both active and inactive lighthouses. Some of the inactive lighthouses were decommissioned because of structural damage, while others had just outlived their usefulness.

All of the lighthouses in Puerto Rico are beautiful, but the two most popular ones are the El Morro Castle Lighthouse and the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

The El Morro Castle Lighthouse benefits from the popularity of the El Morro Castle in Old San Juan. This castle and lighthouse are part of what quite possibly could be the most popular tourist destination in all of Puerto Rico.

One the opposite end of Puerto Rico you will find the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. This lighthouse is located on one of the most stunning cliffs, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Even though this lighthouse is way out in the country it is fairly busy every single day of the week.

Please enjoy the map below and feel free to download it onto your mobile device.

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