El Yunque Map

El Yunque National Forest Map!

We have trailheads marked and many of the trails actually mapped with GPS tracking thanks to Google Tracks (an Android App).  We also have parking areas marked and observations points listed.  In addition we have detailed locations on waterfalls and outlook towers.  Enjoy and please share this with others.

The map of El Yunque also provides links to articles describing the points marked.  These links are located on the pop up window when you click on the map icons for actual points of interest.

If for any reason you are having troubles accessing those detailed articles here are the direct links:
La Mina Waterfall and Big Tree Trail
Caimitillo Trail
El Portal Tropical Forest Center
Juan Diego Waterfall
La Coca Waterfall
La Coca Trail
Las Cabezas Observation Point
Mount Britton Trail and Tower
Sierra Palm Picnic Area
Yokahu Tower
Bano de Oro Trail
Bano Grande Pool
La Mina Trail
Palo Colorado Recreation Area

Pay close attention to the weather and dress appropriately while visiting the RAIN forest because there is a good chance you will get wet from either the rain or the waterfalls.

*Our maps are completely free to use! So feel free to download them onto your smartphone or tablet so you have instant access to them while traveling Puerto Rico.

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