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The Golf Links of Royal Isabela is a stunning new 18 hole golf course designed by David Pfaff, along with the input and vision of brothers and Royal Isabela Founders, Stanley and Charlie Pasarell. The golf course was completed in 2009. However, it did not come easy, the project had roots as far back as 1989, but sat idle through the 90s. When 2000 rolled around the Pasarell brothers had Royal Isabela back on track.

Their initial goal was to build a world class golf course, community, and resort on the west side of Puerto Rico. However, that is not where Royal Isabela ends, their long term goal is to turn the west side of the Island into a major tourist destination. They plan on accomplishing that with the addition of four more courses and substantial expansion to the community itself.

With a major portion of golf resorts being located in the El Yunque Region, the only Rainforest in the US National Forestry Service, I am surprised that I don’t hear more about the upside to weather on the west side.

In addition to the beauty of Royal Isabela we found it refreshing that they have put such an emphasis on preservation. They built the course around the existing landscape, not the other way around. They also have an organic farm for the community, a nursery to maintain native plants, solar power, and much more.

If you want to read more, stellar reviews are not hard to come by. The reviews are calling Royal Isabela the Pebble Beach of Puerto Rico, Scotland of the Caribbean, etc etc. These reviews all focus on the impeccable job done to integrate the course into the seaside landscape.

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PHONE : 939-940-4150

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Royal Isabela GPS Coordinates:
18.494462, -66.992033

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