Gas Chambers – Surf Spot in Aguadilla

Gas Chambers has recently been ranked as one of the top 100 surf spots in the world. Surprisingly it was given that honor even though it is far from being one of the more consistent spots. The break is just North of Crash Boats and is accessed from the Crash Boat parking lot.

Our original pictures of Gas Chambers came from a day where the surf was completely flat. We have added some additional pictures showing swell, unfortunately they still don’t give justice to the quality of wave you can see here. We will continue to hunt for the perfect day to post some really epic photos and videos.

Gas Chambers Surf Spot GPS Coordinates:
18.460193, -67.165582
[map id=”map1″ maptype=”HYBRID” kmlautofit=”no” z=”17″ lat=”18.460193″ lon=”-67.165582″ w=”100%” h=”500″ kml=”″]
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