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1. Coming from the US, do I need a Passport?
-Answer- No. Puerto Rico is a Territory of the US.

2. What currency is used in Puerto Rico?
-Answer- The US Dollar.

3. Is crime bad in Puerto Rico?
-Answer- This answer would differ from one person to the next, but we say it depends on what you compare it to. In our opinion, Puerto Rico is very safe as long as you are smart about your actions, the same way you would be in New York, Chicago or Washington DC. Do not go out late at night by yourself. Do not park your car with valuables in view, etc etc.

4. Is it easy finding places in Puerto Rico?
-Answer- No, there are almost no street signs or visible addresses in Puerto Rico. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you bring a GPS or have mapping on your phone. WE PROVIDE GPS COORDINATES TO ALL OUR LOCATIONS. We also have a custom map at goseepr.com/goseepr-map-of-puerto-rico/ that you can save to your device. We have found that Google Maps on the iPhone or Android devices works better than an actual GPS.

5. How are the road conditions?
-Answer- Overall, the roads are good, there are some issues with pot holes, but in general good.

6. How is traffic in Puerto Rico?
-Answer- Traffic moves at a slower pace in Puerto Rico and many drivers use their bright lights all the time. If you are going to be in the Old San Juan area traffic gets really bad on weekends. Otherwise it is not bad.

7. What are the seasons in Puerto Rico?
-Answer- Warm, Warm, Warm, and Warm! Year round temperatures average in the mid 80s for a high and low to mid 70s for a low.

8. Do I need to know Spanish?
-Answer- It never hurts, but you can get by easily without it.

9. How is the surf in Puerto Rico?
-Answer- It is GREAT! Maybe not as consistent as Costa Rica during the summer, but winter is almost non-stop. What makes it better than Costa Rica is the crystal clear water! You can see your shadow on the reef below you. Also, water and air temps are both warm year round.

10. What Airport should I fly into?
-Answer- We recommend you just choose the cheapest flight. The island is small and easy to drive across. If you can save a lot of money by flying into San Juan, it is only an hour and a half drive to the Aguadilla Airport. We are not very familiar with the Ponce Airport, but will update information as we learn more about that option.

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