Evan Geiselman at Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico

Evan Geiselman of New Smyrna Beach Florida placed third in the 2013 Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico held at Jobos Beach in Isabela.  He was in first place until the final two minutes of the heat when Cody Thompson of Jacksonville Beach Florida and Andrew Doheny were each able to catch a set wave that pushed them past Evan.

Evan Geiselman in the Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico 2013 Jobos Beach

I grew up in Florida riding Orion Surfboards, shaped by Evan’s father Greg Geiselman so I am biased and really wanted to see him catch a wave in the closing seconds to win, but the surf was not cooperating.  Even though it didn’t end the way I was hoping it was still nice to see a Florida surfer win.

The pictures below are ones we took of Evan during the final day of the Rip Curl Pro.  They are in order from heat number two of the quarters through the final.

In heat #2 of the quarter finals Evan easily won his heat with 17.27 points, which I believe was the highest scoring heat of the entire competition.  He is in red for this heat.

In heat #1 of the semi finals Evan placed second with 13.64 points, just behind Dylan Graves’ who had 13.87 points.  He is in yellow for this heat.

In the final Evan had 9.83 points, which was just behind Andrew Doheny who had 9.96 points and Cody Thompson who had 10.10 points.  He is in white for this heat.

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