El Anzuelo Grill Cantina – Isabela

* goseePR.com Mapped GPS Coordinates: 18.508193, -67.022060 *

El Anzuelo Grill Cantina is down at the beach in Isabela. There are actually quite a few places to eat down there and also a few bars. You are also very close to the Blow Hole in Isabela. The menu is very reasonable and the food is extremely good. A grilled chicken sandwich with sides was around $6-$7 and the wrap was around $8-$9. The food took awhile to get out, but it was worth the wait.

If you look into the open square where all the food places are located from the road, El Anzuelo will be towards the back left. The staff was friendly and the place was clean. Enjoy your time down in this area. If you have not been down along this road just make sure you do not miss it. The map has the route to Blow Hole sketched out and El Anzuelo is on that route.

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