Dome’s – Surf Spot in Rincon

Dome’s is without a doubt one of the more interesting spots. I have seen days where the entire North West side of Puerto Rico was chopped up or completely blown out, except for Domes. Actually the picture with the Toyota Yaris in it was taken on a day where Maria’s was chopped up so bad it wasn’t ridable. As you can see Dome’s was fairly glassy.
What makes it even better is that not many people check it, so I have rode it on days like that picture with only two other people out. You will find most people check Maria’s first and if it sucks they head out. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving up one of my secret treasures, but what the heck.
Now, there is one issue with Domes…. The paddle out. There are three spots people paddle out at. You can jump in right off the beach in front of the parking area, but some days see current coming through so quick it turns that paddle out into an iron man competition. The best spot is right next to the furthest jetty, but it also has extra rocks hiding underwater with no boils to give there location, so watch your fins. The other spot is the south side of the next small jetty down. This spot is super shallow. If you have reef booties take this spot for sure. If you do not have booties, watch out for the urchins!
Have fun and hopefully you catch it glassy on a day that everyone else sits inside pissed that Maria’s is blown out. There is a certain level of satisfaction in realizing that you only went a half mile down the road and surfed glassy conditions. Mapped GPS Coordinates: 18.365894, -67.270365

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