Cueva Ventana, The Window Cave – Arecibo

Cueva Ventana, also known as the Window Cave is a MUST DO for anyone looking to explore Puerto Rico. It offers up a once in a lifetime experience.

Our biggest recommendation is to pick a nice sunny day. We are going to update our photos because as you can see, we chose a overcast day.

The road leading up to Cueva Ventana is an easy drive and parking is allowed at the gas station. We have heard that they started charging for parking.

Our only warning is that there is a hike involved. It is not a long hike, but it can be wet and slippery. There are actually two caves that you will run into on the hike. The first one simply wraps around to the window cave. You DO NOT have to go through the first one. It is quite a bit more difficult going through the first one than the actual window cave.

Cueva Ventana

The entrance to Cueva Ventana has a descent that is set up with makeshift steps. Once you clear the initial descent you only have a short distance to go. Once again, pay attention to your footing, it can be slick. You will see the light coming from the opening of the cave as you get close. If you are afraid of heights, even just a little bit, then you do not want to go up to the edge of the opening. It is a straight drop, actually it is somewhat inverted.

Make sure to bring a flashlight and camera.



GPS Coordinates: 18.372559, -66.692451


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