Bano de Oro Trail – El Yunque

The Bano de Oro Trail is a short trail that originates about 150 feet up the mountain from Palo Colorado. The trail winds it’s way through the forest passing the Bano de Oro pool, many native plant species, and the La Mina River. The Bano de Oro Trail ends as it hits a junction with the El Yunque Trail.

Parking for the Bano de Oro Trail is available at both the Palo Colorado Visitor Center and across the road from the trailhead on PR 191. There is much more space available at the Palo Colorado Parking Lot.

*A note from the National Forest Website is that you should close windows, lock doors, and place valuables in your trunk.

GPS Coordinates : 18.300458, -65.785838

[map id=”map1″ maptype=”HYBRID” kmlautofit=”no” z=”19″ lat=”18.300458″ lon=”-65.785838″ w=”100%” h=”500″ kml=””]
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